AboutStyle, Specialties, and Partners

Celeste Wyrick specializes in commercial photography with successful projects completed for small businesses to large firms. Her work has been published in Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Accounting Today, California CPA Magazine, and has a permanent installation in ASU's Educating Corridors Exhibit (San Tan and Peralta buildings on the ASU Polytechnic campus). In addition to these accomplishments, Celeste's commercial work with product photography has been broadcast on national television for a collectibles company.

My Style

The images I create are engaging, bright and friendly which is an extension of my personality and brand.

I love my profession and it shows in the end product of all my projects. I've spent many hours with formal university education, taking part in internships, and working alongside many seasoned professionals who I have come to greatly admire. I can confidently say that I am prepared to address any project or circumstance and see it through from concept to completion.

I love working with people and getting to know what makes everyone unique. Together, we can create images that are meaningful, beautiful, and lasting.

Previous Clients

My previous clients include a number of doctors, nurses and therapists from the greater Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, TV personalities, models, professional artists, interior designers, commercial builders, and Silicon Valley professionals.

The one thing that they all have in common is how much they value their time and how each of them make their minutes count. As a service based photographer, I have made it a point to help maintain their efficient lifestyles by coming to them and providing a quick and valuable service.